Women Travel Solo Secrets…

It is a dream for many women: pack your bags and leave for a solo trip. 

Here you’ll find all the answers to your questions: how to arrange your trip, find your destination, meet friends when travelling, how to explore the world, what to bring and what to leave at home… enjoy our site!

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Bali Is Awesome!

Bali is immediately associated with bounty island and believe me.. it is! And to all women traveling solo: this is absolutely safe and a great place to meat new friends.

Nature is still nature and people treat it with all due respect. The rice fields are warm green and beautifully layered. RICEFIELD




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Australia: Land Of Plenty



Brisbane river Australia


Bremer and Brisbane River

Just a little part of Austalia: where Brisbane and Bremer river come together and create a wonderful spot to rest and enjoy.

At Joseph Brady Park; Ipswich; Queensland

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Get Paid As You Travel! Earn Money And Get Paid to Socialize

I know, many of you would love to travel more. But how can you afford all your SOLO TRAVELS? I got a tip to get a free CD and DVD showing you how to get paid while traveling! Isn’t that interesting? Would there be anything better than travelling, socializing and get paid at the same time?

Don’t hesitate: get your free copy and make your dreams come true!

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What Books Do You Read When You Travel?

What Do Women Read When

They Travel Alone??

 I just finished this book and I think it is amazing. Anna Hunt, a young successful journalist interviewing posh celebraties in London leaves the city-slick lifestyle (and everything that goes with it: the fame, the money..), for a break in Peru that is to change her life forever. She not only meets `the man of her dreams’, he also appears to be her guru and with his help she discovers the power that lies within herself. In two summers she becomes a Shaman, still wearing her stiletto’s in the other part of her life…but now healing people in different ways. Well done, Anna! Continue reading

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Renting A Bike in Tawas City, Michigan

Rent a bike in Tawas City, Michigan

My gorgious (and speedy) bike

Yes I know everybody has a car in the USA, but I love hiking and biking. So I wanted to rent a bike… nowhere in Tawas City! The only shop thas used to rent them had stopped cause they only had 12 rentals last year..

My amazing USA trainers (see peakpotentials) always tell me ‘there is always a way..’. So I was looking and asking and ran into the local fitness centre. They had bikes for sale..! But I did not want to buy I bike of course. Where to leave it when I go home again? So the nice girl behind the desk told me they did not rent bikes. I asked her if the owner was there.  Well, to cut a long story short: this was a very nice guy who was so kind to rent me a bike that was for sale! Isn’t that super? I love people that really want to help their customers. It is a real example for me! Will I do anything to help my client? I really hope so! I’ll do my best, cause this really made me happy!

Here a video I made on my tour of Lake Huron, Michigan:



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Adventurous or Luxury Adventure in Las Vegas?

There are so many things to do when you travel. Especially in Las Vegas.

The stratophere seemed to be the perfect place to have lunch.. great view and a quiet place, far from the noises of casino’s and hotels.

Had I seen this sign before, I would not have been frightened to death…

Sky Jumping in Las Vegas

'Quiet' lunch in Stratosphere Las Vegas


Cause just as we took our first zip of Chardonnay, something fell from the air….!! It was my friend Katie… wow… is she brave! Look at her:

I waved Katie!!

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How To Pack For Your Adventure Holiday

Adventurous Travel Iguazu

Adventurous Travel Iguazu

Katie is a fan of adventurous travels and she wrote this guide How To Pack For Your Adventure Holiday:


I hope you like it! If you do, please send her an email.

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Women Travel Alone: How To Meet People

You know what I love about traveling solo? It is all about meeting people! And it is so special that sometimes it happens when you least expect it.

Like tonight: I wanted to stretch my legs after my first and huge Lebanese diner.. and as I walked pass one of the houses I heard a voice ask: ‘Hai, can I help you?’ I know it’s rare that people walk the streets and I am a complete stranger in an area where everybody seems to know each other.  But I had not expected the question. So I walked up the stairs to see where the voice was comning from and I saw this beautiful girl with a broad smile. Minutes later we were chatting over an Arab coffee on her balcony…  Please meet Ashley!

Thanks Ashley, it was really nice talking to you and have a quick view in your world…


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Jazz Night in Dearborn, Michigan USA

It’s wonderful when you are wandering around in a town you don’t know and all of a sudden the music starts in a small park… just one of these nights. There is so much women travel alone can do, even without knowing it.

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