Women Travel Solo Secrets…

It is a dream for many women: pack your bags and leave for a solo trip. 

Here you’ll find all the answers to your questions: how to arrange your trip, find your destination, meet friends when travelling, how to explore the world, what to bring and what to leave at home… enjoy our site!

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A Short Tour In Beautiful Betuwe – Netherlands

CLICK HERE for a short tour in the beautiful countryside of the Netherlands

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Have a FREE Holiday!


Do you recognize this:

– You want to go on a holiday but you don’t have any money?
– You don’t want the hassle of going over the internet and search?
– But you are desperate to go?|There is a FREE solution!

Think about house sitting! House sitting is taking care of a home, where the homeowner is leaving their house for a period of time and entrusts it to you as a “house sitter”. It is rent-free cause you will take over some responsibilities such as taking care of the pets, perform some maintenance and take care the house will stay in a good condition. For women traveling alone a great solution to make new friends on the way!


You don’t want just a house… you want the time of your life! If you want to know the conditions and how to be a good house sitter and get the best deal you can read this house sitting book: Click Here! It has all the information you need to know to make it a success.
Actually now that I am writing this, I might have a look myself. I have never done it to be honest, but after watching the movie Tara Road and The Holiday it might be a great idea…

Are you ready for romance…? Have fun!!

Learn one of the secrets men want in women!  😳 😳

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Meet Local People!

Hi travel friends

We know that our most memorable travel experiences are when we connect with people and a place in an authentic way. This in combination with our desire to create more value for more people worldwide was the start of I Like Local. Read more about how I Like Local started here. Especially for women traveling solo I Like Local offers a unique and safe way to meet new travel friends.

What is I Like Local

I Like Local focuses on offering unique, local activities organized by local people in developing countries. By booking these local activities you empower and stimulate locals directly. 100% of the money asked by the locals for their activities is directly paid to them; I Like Local doesn’t charge them anything. Besides this I Like Local is looking for more ways than just financially support them.

It might give any women traveling alone a totally new travel experience and at the same time you might help someone… here is the link:

Have an awesome day!

Learn one of the secrets men want in women!  😳 😳

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Amsterdam Is A Friendly City For Women Traveling Alone

Amsterdam with canals and historical canal houses is such a wonderful city to wander through the streets.
Amsterdam’s name derives from Amstelredamme, an indication of the city’s origin as a dam of the river Amstel. It was a famous place for trade. The earliest recorded use of the name “Amsterdam” is from a certificate dated 27 October 1275. So the city has a huge histry.

Visit the musea, canals, brewery, the ‘Nachtwacht’ statue or just enjoy a walk along the canals or wine and dine in the city’s restaurants.

There is something for anyone. And it is a very friendly city for wonen traveling alone. You will find it extremely easy to make friends.

For all reasons Amsterdam is an inspiring city!

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Travel Hassle Free In The UK


It is spring already and time to schedule our holidays!! For women travel solo another opportunity to see the world and meet new friends!

I will definitely be in London this summer cause I love London… and if you are thinking of traveling in the UK and you don’t want any headaches, I highly recommend to give the organization to an expert travel agent like THE DUKE OF WELLINGTON.

Take advantage of hassle free travel to some of England’s top tourist destinations. Visit castles, take walking tours, gain entrance to properties that are rarely open to the public… spend your days in awesome company and have two bestseller blogwriters as your private tour leaders. What else do you want??




You’ll find 15 reasons to join them on http://wellingtontour.blogspot.nl/

Have fun! I might see you in London…:-)

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Bali Is Awesome!

Bali is immediately associated with bounty island and believe me.. it is! And to all women traveling solo: this is absolutely safe and a great place to meat new friends.

Nature is still nature and people treat it with all due respect. The rice fields are warm green and beautifully layered. RICEFIELD




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Australia: Land Of Plenty



Brisbane river Australia


Bremer and Brisbane River

Just a little part of Austalia: where Brisbane and Bremer river come together and create a wonderful spot to rest and enjoy.

At Joseph Brady Park; Ipswich; Queensland

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Get Paid As You Travel! Earn Money And Get Paid to Socialize

I know, many of you would love to travel more. But how can you afford all your SOLO TRAVELS? I got a tip to get a free CD and DVD showing you how to get paid while traveling! Isn’t that interesting? Would there be anything better than travelling, socializing and get paid at the same time?

Don’t hesitate: get your free copy and make your dreams come true!

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What Books Do You Read When You Travel?

What Do Women Read When

They Travel Alone??

 I just finished this book and I think it is amazing. Anna Hunt, a young successful journalist interviewing posh celebraties in London leaves the city-slick lifestyle (and everything that goes with it: the fame, the money..), for a break in Peru that is to change her life forever. She not only meets `the man of her dreams’, he also appears to be her guru and with his help she discovers the power that lies within herself. In two summers she becomes a Shaman, still wearing her stiletto’s in the other part of her life…but now healing people in different ways. Well done, Anna! Continue reading

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